What is GMAT?

The GMAT happens to be a computer adaptive test (CAT) intended to assess certain analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal and reading skills in English etc., for use in admission to a graduate management program, such as an MBA. It requires knowledge of certain specific grammar and knowledge of certain specific subjects like algebra, geometry, and arithmetic. A GMAT prep course such as the one from Aarnell Education, can help you to polish your skills and knowledge, especially from the GMAT exam point of view.So, join our GMAT Classes in Pune, and get trained from the expert tutors.

The GMAT is designed and organized by testmaker GMAC to furnish the business schools with a uniform measure of the candidates’ preparation level for graduate level academic work. During the admission process, business school committees consider your GMAT score in addition to the work experience, supporting materials, and academic records, to evaluate your preparedness for the MBA program.

The GMAT score is more often than not, considered as one of the standard and reliable screening schemes, by majority of the graduate business schools. It becomes necessary to undergo proper GMAT preparatory coaching, before you sit for the exam. Aarnell’s GMAT classes in Pune, can help you with the same.

– Eligibility criteria:

All things considered, usually, there is no fixed qualification criteria put forth by the GMAC (the body arranging GMAT), for those who wish to appear for the GMAT test. Be that as it may, one ought to constantly meet the eligibility criteria put forth by the college/university one is looking to get into, in the wake of sitting for the GMAT exam. Your GMAT score plays a big part in you becoming eligible. Therefore, joining Aarnell’s GMAT coaching classes in Pune, would prove to be beneficial for you, from the preparation point of view.

– GMAT centers and schedule:

The GMAT test is held around the globe pretty much each day of the year, with the help of a vast and ceaselessly expanding web of test centers.

The applicant might register for the GMAT test either online at, or by getting in touch with one of the test centers. One needs to fix an appointment at one of the assigned test centers in order to schedule the test for a specific day. Applicants are permitted to appear for the GMAT test up to a 5 times in one calendar year. However, can’t sit for the test inside a span of 16 days.

– GMAT exam result:

The candidates can avail for their GMAT result, once they are done with the test. The applicant has an alternative of either accepting it or rejecting it. In the event of accepting the result, the applicant and the chosen institutes can have access to the result. However, in the event of result denial by the concerned candidate, none of the above mentioned entities will have access to the result of GMAT. After the exam is over, candidates can download the unofficial version of the result. The actual GMAT result can be downloaded post 20 working days from one’s personal account on the GMAT site.

– GMAT based scholarships:

Scholarships and grants are usually provided by the business schools for their MBA programs. Also, scholarships can be classified as merit-based or need-based, be that as it may, there are no fixed rules for granting a scholarship. It relies upon the admission process of every business school. Therefore, the applicant ought to always verify with the particular school itself, for a grant or a scholarship. Additionally, there are two sorts of scholarships namely partial and full. While the full scholarship takes care of the entire expense of the program, the partial scholarship covers just a portion of the course fees.

What’s the gist of all this? A good score in GMAT will have a direct, positive effect, with regards to your business school application. The GMAT classroom course from Aarnell is designed in a manner, to help you score handsomely in the exam.

AARNELL offers quality GMAT coaching as a part of its GMAT classes in Pune, thus ensuring that the students get the best possible preparation.

Why Aarnell Education happen to be the best GMAT classes in Pune?

There are a number of reasons that make Aarnell amongst the best GMAT classes in Pune. Let’s have a look at them,

– Aarnell Education has got a substantial experience in GMAT coaching, with faculty having over 8 years of teaching experience.

– Aarnell has got a wide range of preparatory courses in GREIELTSSATTOEFL etc., with a specially designed curriculum

– Partnership with a number of global universities and educational institutions

– By enrolling for the GMAT classes in Pune from Aarnell, you would be getting the skills and confidence required to get complete funding from the top universities.

– With us, students have the option of choosing from more than 53 universities/schools. That too from exciting and central locations.

These aspects help Aarnell Education in becoming the best place to receive GMAT specific training. So, join Aarnell’s GMAT classes in Pune, for the ultimate GMAT exam preparation.

What is the GMAT exam structure like?

The computer-based GMAT General Test consists of three sections namely: Integrated reasoning, Quantitative section and Verbal section. Section wise preparation and practice sessions are conducted under Aarnell’s GMAT classes in Pune.

1)  Integrated reasoning:

Integrated Reasoning (IR) is a section introduced in June 2012, and is designed to measure a test taker’s ability to evaluate data presented in multiple formats from multiple sources.

2) Quantitative section:

The quantitative section of the GMAT seeks to measure the ability to reason quantitatively, solve quantitative problems, interpret graphic data, and analyze and use information given in a problem.

3) Verbal section:

The verbal section of the GMAT exam includes the following question types: reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction.

What are the benefits of GMAT coaching in Pune?

Following are some of the salient benefits offered at Aarnell Education, as a part of its GMAT classes in Pune:

– Complete funding for studying abroad

– 53 scholarships to avail, ranging from $500-$300,000

– Receive guidance on how to get admission into top 20 U.S. colleges

– Living stipend of up to $4000, on a monthly basis

– Choose from more than 53 schools/universities, in central and exciting locations

– Job opportunities with a $150,000-$350,000 annual salary range

One of a kind offerings that you won’t get anywhere else, apart from the GMAT classes in Pune, from Aarnell Education!

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